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Umarex Brings Power, Faithful Reproductions, and Innovation to SHOT Show 2019

SHOT Show is the biggest event in the firearms industry. Companies from all over the world compete for attention on the show floor in Las Vegas, Nevada. While most of the participants are there for traditional firearms, air guns are well represented. Umarex, once again, is leading that segment of the industry.

Here’s a look at what they brought to this year’s show.

The Synergis

The appeal of the Synergis is its speed and accuracy. The under-lever doesn’t need CO2 or compressed air, and can run as long as you have the stamina to actuate the lever.

The Synergis fires from a 12-round magazine. That makes it one of the fastest in this class. And the fixed barrel makes the Synergis exceptionally stable and ideal for plinking.

I shot an early prototype of the Synergis at a media event. It is a solid gun, but not overly heavy. The accuracy, under-lever design, and rugged polymer stock make it ideal for an afternoon in the woods. The Synergis pushes lead pellets out at 1,000 fps. And the best feature may be the price. The Synergis will list for $169.99.


GLOCK™ fans have been waiting on this for a long time. These BB guns are identical to their center-fire counterparts. This makes the Umarex GLOCK™ perfect for training.

While the GLOCK™ 17 is fun to shoot in its own right, those of us who carry GLOCK™s now have a new way to practice holster draws and time-to-target, all without the inherent danger of working with a centerfire pistol.

Umarex is now making a Gen3 and a Gen 4 GLOCK™ 17, and both are BB guns with a stiff blowback that simulates felt recoil. Spare magazines are also available. This will be useful for practicing mag changes.

This attention to detail is what’s made these licensed copies famous, and they’re a great way to practice the basics without the cost of 9mm ammo.

Ruger® 10/22® Air Rifle

The Ruger® 10/22® is the standard by which all rimfire rifles are judged. It is small enough for young shooters to use, but large enough that it doesn’t feel like a kid’s gun. Ruger® has been making them for more than half a century, and there are millions of them out in the wild.

The new pellet gun is perfect for those who want the same functionality, but more flexibility. The Umarex Ruger® 10/22® Air Rifle is an ideal back-yard plinker. The CO2 drives pellets from a magazine that fits into the gun right where the rimfire’s magazine inserts.

This 10/22® is destined to be a staple in Umarex’s catalog. I’ve spent some time with this gun, and it functions flawlessly. As such, it will become a valuable teaching tool, and a must-have for anyone who owns a 10/22® (and a lot of those who don’t).

Beretta M9A3

While the new Umarex version of the Beretta M9A3 will appeal to fans of the iconic 92 series Berettas, this gun has another selling point. This Beretta has a full auto option. The snappy slide reciprocation adds a realistic element to the gun, too, so hold on tight.

While the full-auto feature is fun, there’s a serious side to this carbon copy. The M9A3 is a faithful reproduction of the original. From the easily recognizable color scheme, to the slim taper of the Vertec grip, this is an M9A3. As such, it is a must-have for Beretta collectors and fans of military arms development.

Heckler & Koch VP9

Umarex builds stunning copies of centerfire handguns. Their working relationship with the firearms industry allows for cooperative product development. The H&K VP9 is spot on, an homage to the original that will become a useful tool for those who carry a VP9.

For those of us who don’t, there’s still a lot to love about the new BB gun VP9. The blowback action gives each shot a realistic feel, and the weight of the magazines, which hold 18 BBs, is a nice touch.

Umarex Gauntlet .25

Looking for a hard-hitting air rifle that will wreck havoc on vermin? Umarex’s Gauntlet, a gun know for its accuracy and power, is now available in .25.

The Gauntlet changed the way Americans thought about pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifles. The .177 and .22 provided consistent power, reliable accuracy, and rugged dependability, all while staying under $300.

Now they’ve stepped up the power. The .25 will produce 45 foot pounds at the muzzle with a 25 grain pellet. And the new Gauntlet can fire 27 shots before it needs to be refilled.

Legends Cowboy Rifle

The old Winchester pattern rifles are an iconic fixture in Western mythology. They’ve been in production by various companies for more than a century. Now Umarex is making a working reproduction of an old 1892 that fires BBs from cartridges that load in and eject, just like the originals.

The Legends Cowboy Rifle is a great option for those nostalgic for the old west. The fit and finish is stunning. I’ve spent some quality time on the range with the Cowboy Rifle, and it feels like a new 1892. While Winchester’s iconic Model 1873 was simple in its design, the 1892 was designed by John Moses Browning, and has a lot more going on inside the receiver.

The Cowboy Rifle runs on two 12 gram CO2 cartridges. I find this gun is just as much fun to look at handle as it is to shoot. Like the originals, the action--and the way the cartridges load and eject--is a graceful engineering feat.

Umarex A-Rex

While Umarex makes great licensed copies, they also make their own line of air guns. Many of those are designed to provide consistent performance at an affordable price. The new A-Rex is the perfect example.

The A-Rex fires a .177 pellet at 1,050 fps. The rifle has a TNT piston that rides in Umarex’s StopShox system. This means the piston’s bite is dampened and easy on the hands.

That 1,050 fps pellet would be loud, but the A-Rex also has the SilencAir system at the muzzle. The air rifle even has a solid metal rail for mounting optics, and comes with a 3-9x32 scope.

With the scope, or the fiber optic sights, the A-Rex is ideal for those who expect uncompromising accuracy. And the MSRP is just $179.99. That’s a lot of A-Rex for the price.

Ruger Targis Max & Hunter Max

For those who want even more, there’s the Targis Max and the Hunter Max. These two air guns run on Umarex’s TNT gas piston, and are tamed by the SilencAir noise dampening, but they also have some ergonomic and functional upgrades in their stocks.

Both the Targis Max and the Hunter Max have rubber inlays built in that add functional grip and comfort. Up top, both are equipped with the Nucleus Rail, ideal for mounting optics. These triggers are adjustable, and is the two-stage trigger that comes standard on both.

The Targis Max (priced at $179.99) has a 4x32 scope, which is a solid option for a .177 rifle. The Hunter Max steps up the lethality with its .22 chambering, and comes with a 3-9x32 scope. This one, which is my favorite of the new line-up of rifles, is listed at $199.99.

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