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Umarex Hammer .50 Caliber Big Bore PCP Hunting Rifle

The .50 caliber Umarex Hammer is made for big game hunting as you've never hunted before. A high-pressure big bore air rifle engineered for an ethical harvest.
$1,099.99 < $1,054.99

AirJavelin CO2 Powered Air Archery Airgun

The UMAREX® AirJavelin CO2 powered arrow gun is an easy to use arrow launching gun that's great fun for the whole family.
$189.99 < $151.99

EMERGE .22 Caliber 12-Shot Airgun

UMAREX® Umarex Emerge 12 Shot .22 Caliber Break Barrel Gas Piston Air Rifle
$189.99 < $170.99

Emerge 12 Shot .177 Caliber

UMAREX® Emerge 12 Shot .177 Caliber Break Barrel Gas Piston Air Rifle
$189.99 < $170.99


The leader in air gun innovation, Umarex USA, is setting the pace once again with an industry-first double barrel air archery gun, the Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 double barrel air archery gun is powered by air-- 4,000 psi of it.
$499.99 < $449.99

Umarex Hammer Carbine

Umarex Hammer Carbine .50 Caliber PCP
$1,149.99 < $1,104.99


Umarex Notos .22 Caliber PCP Carbine
< $259.99

UX ORIGIN .25 Caliber PCP Side Lever Action Pellet Rifle

The Origin .25 Caliber PCP Rifle with Ever-Pressure Tank Tecnology Rifle Only
< $329.99