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Colt Defender BB Pistol

$ 56.70
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The Airgun Learning Center is designed to give you tips, hints, and how-to's for your air gun enjoyment. You can browse through our articles here and you can also click on the Topics on the right sidebar to view a list of related articles. GETTING STARTED: For The First Time Airgunner Air Rifle Buying Guide. A guide for what to look for in an air rifle when making your decision to purchase. Affordable BB Pistols. High quality air pistols don't need to cost a lot of money. The Best Airgun Pellet for Hunting. A review of different pellets and which is the best to use in different situations. Fun With Airguns. Some great tips to get outside and have some fun with your pellet rifles, BB guns, and paintball markers. Shooting for the First Time. Hunting for land roaming creatures wasn't part of my childhood, although... The Airgun Attraction. As the cost of firearm ammunition continues to rise, so does the popularity of airguns. HOW TO: Learn Some New Techniques Choosing an Air Gun Pellet. Each airgun is unique there are multiple pellet shapes. Use the Right Pellet for Your Rotary Magazine Gun (From The Bench). What types of pellets should I use in rotary mags? Air Spring Rifle Shooting Tips. What to do, not to do, and how to achieve accuracy. 12 Spring Gun Shooting Tips to Improve Your Accuracy. Spring gun shooting tips, maintenance tips, and safety rules. How to Fix Scope Parallax Issues (From The Bench). How scope parallax can affect your shooting accuracy, and how to correct it! Prevent Damage Caused By Air Rifle Dieseling (From The Bench). What happens to a rifle when it diesels, and how to prevent this. Tricked Out Airgun Performance. Admit it. The kid in you is still in there. It's time to trick out your airgun. How To Pick Good Quality CO2. Many of the air guns serviced at our gun benches involve inoperable and clogged valves. Find out why. HUNTING: How to Hunt with Powerful Air Rifles Hunting with an RWS Model 34. A review of the RWS Model 34, and how it can be used to hunt. Hunting with the Ruger® Blackhawk®. A review of the Ruger Blackhawk air rifle, and its hunting uses. PRODUCT REVIEWS: Learn Specific Details About Popular Airguns Beretta Px4 Storm Air Pistol Review. An overview of the replica Beretta Px4 Storm Air Pistol and its features. Colt Defender Review. A full review of the Colt Defender replica BB Pistol. Test-Fire: The High Power Pistol. Brief test-fire overview of the High Power Pistol BB gun Test-Fire: Baby Desert Eagle. Brief test-fire overview article of the Baby Desert Eagle BB gun. Beretta Px4 Storm Recon Review. Overview of the pistol and many of its tactical features. Colt Government 1911 Pellet Pistol Review. An overview of the pistol and how it performs. Smith & Wesson Pellet Revolver. A review of the Smith & Wesson Pellet Revolver and its features. Hammerli 850 AirMagnum Review. The fastest production CO2 air rifle currently available in the world. Browning 800 Mag vs RWS LP8. A comparison of the two guns, side by side. RWS LP8 Magnum Review. A review of the RWS LP 8 Magnum and its capabilities. RWS LP8 Pistol Review. Article about the RWS LP8 Pistol, using data gathered while shooting. The RWS 350 P - A Gentleman's Air Rifle. A look at the quality and craftsmanship of the high end RWS 350 P. A Trio of Hunting Rifles. A side by side comparison of 3 RWS model hunting rifles RWS Model 54 Report. A technical report on the performance of the RWS 54 Air King Recoilless Rifle. RWS 460 Magnum Report. A comprehensive technical report on the RWS 460 Under Lever Rifle. Test-Fire: The Steel Storm. Brief test-fire overview of the Steel Storm replica air gun. Ruger® Explorer Youth Rifle Review. A review of the youth air rifle, including testing data. Test-Fire: The Ruger® Explorer Air Rifle. Brief test-fire overview of the Ruger Explorer Air Rifle. MAINTENANCE: Tips to Improve Reliability and Life of Your Airgun How to Change the Pull Rod on RWS. Changing the Pull Rod on an RWS 48, 52, or 54. Bent Barrel Prevention (From The Bench). Things you should know to prevent bent barrels on your break barrel rifle. Every 100 Shots. Steps to take after every 100 shots to maintain your rifle's performance. Every 1000 Shots. Lubrication of your air rifle is critical for long-term enjoyment. How To Pick Good Quality CO2. Many of the air guns serviced at our gun benches involve inoperable and clogged valves.

Search for airguns and gear