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Top 12 Air Rifles From Gun Buyer’s Guide 2015

If you didn’t think our airguns were great before, you’ll definitely think so now. Umarex has claimed 5 of the 12 spots in Tactical Life’s Top 12 Air Rifles From Gun Buyer’s Guide 2015.

Umarex Fusion

The Umarex Fusion is a single-shot rifle and uses CO2 valve technology and Umarex’s SilencAir 5-chamber noise dampening system to create an amazingly quite airgun. The Fusion takes a 12 gram CO2 capsule, has an average FPS of 750, and also features a light weight synthetic stock. The Fusion also comes with a 4X32 scope included, helping you to create a remarkably accurate airgun.

Umarex Morph 3X

The Umarex Morph 3X has the awesome ability to morph from a rifle to a pistol, giving you two airguns in one! The Morph 3X has a built in 30-shot magazine and Fiber Optic sights. The gun is powered by a 12 gram CO2 capsule and has a velocity of 600 FPS as a rifle and 450 FPS as a pistol. The Morph 3X has a synthetic stock with a light weight design that makes the gun easy to handle and the “Morphing” process is done easily by any airgunner.

Umarex Octane

The Umarex Octane is one of two break-barrel rifles first introduced under the Umarex brand. The Octane is powered by the ReAxis Reverse-Axis Gas Piston, which is unique because this piston operates in reverse of other gas pistons. A magnum velocity air rifle, the Octane can reach up to 1450 feet per second with an alloy pellet. It is equipped with a SilencAir suppressor with five chambers that significantly reduces muzzle noise. The Octane also comes with a 3-9X40  scope, all-weather stock, and adjustable 2-stage trigger.

Walther Lever Action

The Walther Lever Action is a CO2 powered rifle and has a rifled blued barrel (and receiver) and is made with elegant hardwood that is smoothly formed with a classic straight stock. The Lever Action rifle is equipped with an adjustable rear sight and an 8-shot rotary magazine and has a FPS of 630.

Walther LGV Competition Ultra

The Walther LGV Competition Ultra is a reintroduction of the original Walther LGV, which was a match rifle manufactured in the late ’60s and early ’70s. The LGV has a 3 lb trigger that can easily be adjusted to suit your preferences. This rifle, while having the power for hunting, is also accurate enough that you can expect to be hitting bullseyes all day long. The LGV is also equipped with its “Vibration Reduction System” and “Super Silent Technology”, which means no spring noise, no creaks, no groans, and an exceptionally smooth shot cycle.

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