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Gas Piston Air Rifles

One of the greatest revolutions in spring powered air rifle technology was the development the gas spring, or gas ram piston.  This is a technology that replaces the traditional coil spring that resides in the receiver of an air rifle with a gas "spring". The end result is a slght gain in power when compared to a similar spring but most notably, a much smoother cocking stroke and less vibration during the shot.  Power, ease of use, and better accuracy are three great reasons to look for a gas piston power plant for your next airgun purchase.  Our T.N.T Gas Piston and ReAxis Gas Piston air rifles set that standard for gas piston air rifle performance.

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Emerge 12 Shot .177 Caliber

UMAREX® Emerge 12 Shot .177 Caliber Break Barrel Gas Piston Air Rifle
< $189.99

PRYMEX .22 Caliber Gas Piston Airgun

UMAREX® Prymex .22 Caliber Gas Piston Break Barrel Air Rifle
< $109.99

Forge 490 FPS .177 Caliber

$149.99 < $112.49


Hard Hitting Power from Ruger- The Targis Hunter Max .22 Caliber Break Barrel Gas Piston Air Rifle
< $229.99

SurgeMax Elite Air Rifle .22 Pellet Gun

UMAREX® Surgemax Eite .22 Caliber Break Barrel Gas Piston Air Rifle
$159.99 < $143.99

Synergis 12-shot Under Lever Air Rifle .177 Caliber

Umarex Synergis .177 Caliber Under-Lever Gas Piston Air Rifle with Scope Kit
$199.99 < $179.99

EMERGE .22 Caliber 12-Shot Airgun

UMAREX® Umarex Emerge 12 Shot .22 Caliber Break Barrel Gas Piston Air Rifle
< $189.99

FORGE .177 Caliber Break Barrel

The UMAREX® Forge is sleek, modern, and classic all rolled into one attractive pellet rifle.
< $159.99

SurgeMax Elite .177 Caliber with Scope

UMAREX® SurgeMax Elite .177 Caliber Break Barrel Pellet Rifle with Scope
< $159.99

Umarex Synergis .22 Caliber Under Lever Pellet Air Rifle Airgun

The .22 cal Umarex Synergis is an under lever 10-shot repeating pellet rifle that has an auto-indexing mag called the RapidMag.
$199.99 < $179.99

Prymex .177 Pellet Rifle with Scope

UMAREX® Prymex .177 Gas Piston Break Barrel Air Rifle
< $109.99