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What You Need to Know About Pellet Velocity
In the world of pew-pews power sells. Speed sells. Excess sells… that is until it becomes really painful to shoot. Anyone who has ever shot a .357 Magnum from a lightweight snub nose revolver can attest to this. In a pinch or under stress, it won’t matter, but just going to the range and shooting a few boxes of ammo from such a lightweight and powerful handgun is going to leave a painful reminder in your hand.
Umarex Brimstone Ammo Shoots Like Heaven
As the technology of airguns improves, the need for better quality ammo becomes paramount. Umarex’s Brimstone line of airgun ammo meets - and exceeds - that need. Brimstone pellets and slugs are precision crafted to minimize defects that reduce accuracy. The low-drag and carefully balanced shape is designed to dump as much kinetic energy into the target as possible. This equates to punching crisp holes in airgun competition targets and also being able to take down game animals more efficiently and ethically.