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Breaking Barrels: Why You Need A Springer
The data pouring in from the National Shooting Sports Foundation is telling us that the rush is on. Again. Both ammo and firearms are hot items and any bargain purchase of such is but a bitter memory. I can’t wait for the next local gunshow. The current situation has also brought some terms associated with “prepping” to the top of search engines. People are looking for tools and gear that will help them out if TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) turns out to be this very moment we are living in or another such moment soon to come.
Bored at Home? Airsoft is the Answer!

If you find yourself working from home or having a lot more time on your hands at home rather than your usual haunts, airsoft may be the cure for the Social Distancing blues. Let's take a look at three airsoft guns that you can use in your home during this weird time we now live in.

It’s Like Darts...

The Best Alternative to Dry Firing Your Pistol
“Ammo… Is too precious a thing in these times.” For those of you who caught the Bram Stoker’s Dracula reference there, I applaud you. You are cultured and scholarly. Or film geeks. Whatever the case, ammo is in fact too precious a commodity to waste in these crazy pre-boogaloo days or any other day. “But dry fire practice,” you say. And we say you can do better than that!
The Best Backyard Plinker on Earth?
The new Umarex Fusion 2, or Fusion 2Gen, as I’ve started referring to it. The Umarex Fusion 2 is simply a step in the evolution of things where things get better by removing limitations from the user. If you’ve ever been around me for long, you’d know that I love old trucks, especially old 4x4s. While the esthetics and ruggedness of some of the older machines cannot be argued, their ease of use and gracefulness certainly can. If you doubt me, just take a completely stock 1969 Jeep CJ5 across Kiamichi mountains and then drive a later model Toyota 4Runner back across the same trail.
Split the Pick with Umarex and Airguns!
Every year needs its shooting challenge and we thought “Split the Pick” sounded like a great challenge, especially since the target is just over 1/16th of an inch wide. While it doesn’t take much to break a toothpick, you do have to be able to hit it!
Awesome Umarex Airguns on the Silver Screen: Part Deux
I really enjoyed writing the first installment of our Awesome Umarex Replicas on the Silver Screen. I have to admit that I do like a good movie, but these days finding a good movie is getting harder. At least it seems like it is. One great thing about today’s web based entertainment services is that you can dial up an old film, even esoteric old films at lightning speed. Take advantage of new technology to access your favorite old films! And while you are at, consider these flicks that just so happen to highlight guns of which we make replicas. Shameless, I know. Let’s take a look at eight more films, shall we?
Tuesday’s Gone With The Wind
What a day! Tuesday, the first day of the show on the floor, is a whirlwind. It is every year. SHOT Show Rookies are seen scouring booths for swag and toting around every catalog they can find. The seasoned attendees pace themselves and have a scientific approach to seeing the show. They know who they want to see, they go at an even pace, and they don’t pick up anything they don’t have to.
Cut Through the Air—With No Strings Attached!
Pre-Charged Pneumatic air power is capable of generating massive amounts of energy. Why not apply it to an arrow? We’ve done just that with our AirSaber. High power? Check. Accuracy? Yup. Great fit? Got it! High shot count? All over it.
Give the Gift of Life Long Shooting Sports on Giving Tuesday
If you are like me, you’d rather give a gift than to get one. Now if you hit the sweet spot and get me something really cool, well, I like that just as much as anyone. But what I like better is the feeling I gave something that mattered. That kind of giving, the kind that does the most good for a worthy cause is good giving, the best giving. It’s giving that lifts your soul, causes a feeling of gratitude to soak into your bones.
The New One Armed Bandit: Umarex Synergis 12 Shot Pellet Rifle
Air rifles are not stagnant products. It might seem that advances in the craft of building air guns might have plateaued but nothing could be further from the truth. While PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatics) are all the rage in the current environment, not everyone is super excited about the idea of pumping up a PCP tank or investing in an HPA compressor. That being said, we’ve revisited the classic under-lever design and added a twist of awesome to it. How? By including a low-profile rotary magazine that holds 12 shots!