It’s the Little Things: Gift Guide For Accessorizing an Airgunner
When it comes to thoughtful gift giving, often it’s the little things that make the biggest impression. The icing on the cake, so to speak, are the things that people often overlook when getting into a new hobby or just overlook because there are bigger, more interesting things that they focus on, like the main subject of their hobby. In our case, having an airgun or two or eight is nothing unusual.
Umarex Gift Cards are Here!
Just in time for the Holiday season, we now have gift cards available on our website! Gift giving can be hard when you know just enough about your loved ones to know what they like but not enough to know exactly what it is they want or need. This is where our gift cards shine!
Christmas Gift Guide 2023: Fun Airguns, Airsoft, and Would Ya Just Look At That!
Since I started working here over ten years ago, the catalog has grown and grown. We have so many different product categories and so many different products within those categories that it is really quite remarkable. We truly do have something for everyone. With that said, I have already addressed hunting and target shooting airguns in this Christmas Gift Guide series and I recently addressed our best selling licensed replicas as well. But there are some products that are just fun and as such, they deserve an entry in this series on their own.
2023 Gift Guide: Focus on Rifles
In the last few years the Umarex rifle game has gotten very strong. Not that it wasn’t slapping already, but these days, we have everything from big bore PCPs to youth plinkers and everything in between. And what is a Christmas without opening up an air rifle? Not much of one. Below you’ll find the best selling air rifles in our catalog. Check it out and maybe you’ll find the perfect one for yourself or a loved one. Caveat Emptor: Inventory of any or all of these may not be available as we approach the Christmas Holiday.
Christmas Gift Guide: Licensed and Historical Replicas and Action Pistols
Umarex is the undisputed heavyweight cham… undisputed leader in airgun innovation and licensed replicas. After a fashion, yes we are the heavyweight in the airgun industry. Why? Because we make the most, the best, and the coolest airguns around. 2023 has been a big year for our licensed replicas and our Legends historical replica lines. You will see some perennial favorites below, but there’s a few new items that you may have missed. Please do note, some of these model may not be instock at the time of publishing. If so, please click on the "notify me" button so you will get an email as soon as the item is restocked. Are you ready to see the coolest, best, and diverse selection of airguns?
Startup Costs For PCP Airgun Shooting
There’s no such thing as a free lunch. That bit of axiomatic wisdom has been, or should have been drilled into your head by this point. The truth is, if someone is standing on the street corner giving stuff away, there’s a catch to it. Likewise, there are hidden costs often associated with items on occasion. For instance, if you have purchased a higher-end trail camera you will have discovered that to get maximum use out of it, you will have to pay a monthly fee to get the images beamed through space and to your phone.
The Underlever Air Rifle

What is an underlever on an air rifle?

The Umarex Synergis underlever rifle is a repeating underlever and available now on our website.An underlever on an air rifle refers to the cocking mechanism located underneath the barrel. It is a lever that the shooter pulls or swings to compress the spring or gas piston, preparing the gun for the next shot.

Are Underlever air rifles any good?

Yes, un...

What You Need to Know About Pellet Velocity
In the world of pew-pews power sells. Speed sells. Excess sells… that is until it becomes really painful to shoot. Anyone who has ever shot a .357 Magnum from a lightweight snub nose revolver can attest to this. In a pinch or under stress, it won’t matter, but just going to the range and shooting a few boxes of ammo from such a lightweight and powerful handgun is going to leave a painful reminder in your hand.
Umarex PCP Tank Size and Filling Recommendations
PCP air rifles are available in many different calibers. Logically, larger caliber air rifles consume more air per shot than smaller caliber air rifles and as a result those larger air rifles typically are sold with larger high pressure onboard air tanks. No big surprises there. However we often receive questions from people looking to get into a PCP air rifle about filling methods and air tank size. With that said, we will briefly address our PCP airgun line, their tank sizes, and recommended methods for filling each gun’s tank.
Secrets of Airgun Deer Hunting
Thousands of airgunners are getting ready for the most-exciting and anticipated time of the year - deer season. But suppose you’re new to the world of hunting with a PCP airgun like an Umarex Hammer? What do you need to know before your first season hunting big game with air?