Umarex Hammer - Crushing Game and Killing the Competition
The Umarex Hammer is a .50 caliber hunting airgun that brings a lot to the table. Before we get too deep into this article, let’s address the elephant in the room. Is the Hammer the “most powerful” big bore airgun on the market? No, it’s not, at least not any longer. Is it the most practical? We think so. There’s a lot more to the makeup of an effective hunting airgun than just power. It’s an important factor, and the Hammer produces more than enough energy to get the job done, but you also need ease of use, accuracy, and portability. In these critical areas, the Hammer takes the advantage over the other big-bore airguns on the market.
Punching Up- The .30 Caliber Gauntlet is Here and Umarex Hodgepodge
I literally could not have picked a better day of the year to write this blog entry on the newest addition to the Gauntlet line. Here on 3.08 day, I get to tell our fans about the .30 caliber Gauntlet. Notice I did not write “Gauntlet 2”. There’s never been a .30 caliber Gauntlet before, so, and in spite of some of the visual similarities shared with the .22 and .25 caliber Gauntlets, the .30 caliber version is brand spanking new and will be issued sans the “2” designation. With that bit of explanation out of the way, let's peruse some facts about this new PCP lead flinger!
Making the Move to Air Archery
While at the Safari Club International’s convention early this year myself and our other staff in the Umarex Airguns booth spent a lot of time talking about our air archery products. Of course the big Hammer .50 caliber PCP and the newly announced Primal 20 slug gun got their fair share of blabbing, but the items that gained the most interest from the attendees were our air archery guns. Why? Well the reasons are a few. The most common reason for interest we heard was how intriguing the AirSabers and AirJavelins are.
New for 2022! The AirJavelin HPA Adapter
Sharp-eyed Umarex Club readers noticed in our first February e-mail that we now have a PCP adapter device for the original AirJavelin. This is coming on the heels of our announcement that the AirJavelin Pro PCP was available. For those of you with the original CO2 version, you can now upgrade your AirJavelin to high-pressure air and gain some performance as well!
New For 2022! The Origin .25 Caliber PCP–Available NOW!
This year is a big year for us here at Umarex USA. Not only is it the Year of the Airgun Hunter, we are releasing more and more hunting quality air rifles. To that end, the extremely shootable, extremely popular Origin that was originally offered in .22 caliber has just been released for 2022 in the harder-hitting .25 caliber! Now read this correctly, this isn’t an announcement that the .25 caliber Origin will be available later this year. No, far from it. The .25 caliber Origin is available right now!
2022 is Going to be a FUN Year, Too
Over the last few weeks our seriously powerful hunting focused air guns have been getting plenty of attention, and rightly so. Afterall, we’ve declared 2022 to be the Year of the Airgun Hunter. But just because we are giving room to the new hard hitting air rifles that are in our catalog it doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about the fun stuff. The truth is that we are always concerned with making life fun for you, our customers.
The Next Big Thing!
Airgunners are savvy enough to know that there’s really nothing new at all about shooting with air. Compressed air (or CO2) goes in, and a projectile comes out. It’s a simple concept, dating back to the dawn of time or close proximity thereabouts. When Alley Oop was looking for a better way to snag breakfast, he discovered that blowing really hard through a hollowed-out cane pole could move a dart with enough energy to dispatch a smaller cave-critter so he and Ooola would not go hungry.
New Product Wrap Up From SHOT Show 2022!
Not gonna lie, we kinda missed Vegas. OK, there’s a lot of stuff we didn’t miss, like the stale cigarette smoke ambiance of hotel casino floors, overpriced everything, taxi drivers that take circuitous routes to the strip… There’s plenty to hate about Sin City, but the big Show, hosted by the NSSF is not one of them, even with all the hoops the attendees had to jump through in order to attend. Be that as it may, my critique of social issues is not why you are here. You want to read about all the new Umarex gear slated to come to the retail shopping space in 2022. So without further ado, here’s the BIG NEWS from the big UX for this year!
New For 2022– The Umarex AirJavelin is Going PRO!
Progress comes along in one of two primary forms for products—improvements made to existing products and completely new products. Two years ago when we released the CO2 powered AirJavelin to the world, we did the latter– that is we broke the mold with the first mass produced CO2 powered air archery gun. The AirJavelin, in case you forgot, is an affordable, fun, convenient air archery rifle powered by easy to access CO2 cartridges. The AirJavelin was developed as a fun gun, something you could take out to the range and play a game of darts on a Morrell Yellowjacket archery target with the family.
New for 2022! The AirSaber Elite X2: The Follow-Up Shot Heard ‘Round the World
One good turn deserves another, right? How about one good shot? Well, the innovators here at Umarex USA have been working hard on improving our line of air archery rifles and have “one-upped” an already amazing product. Behold, the Umarex AirSaber Elite X2! Send a second arrow flying faster than Legolas to nail two hogs from your stand or have a backup shot in the event you miss with the new double-barreled AirSaber Elite X2.