What’s Stopping You?
This year almost sorta seems like things are getting back to normal– or at least inflation has slowed down a touch, a certain bug no longer has people paralyzed with fear, and travel restrictions are essentially gone. Yes, it’s not 2019 by any means, but it ain’t 2020 or 2021 either. With this being the case, people are getting out for some serious airgun hunting adventures and seeing the world, too.
Umarex Airguns Readies for RMAC
Umarex Airguns is thrilled to sponsor and participate in the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge. The event is scheduled to take place from June 14-18 at the Garth Killpack Shooting Range in Springville, Utah. Umarex Airguns is thrilled to sponsor and participate in the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge. The event is scheduled to take place from June 14-18 at the Garth Killpack Shooting Range in Springville, Utah. Hosted by Utah Airguns, RMAC is the premier competition that brings together enthusiasts and professionals from the airgun community to showcase their skills, test their marksmanship and compete for more than $100,000 in prize money. This event is one of the most exciting and challenging airgun events in the nation and attracts participants from around the world. Umarex Airguns will be showcasing some exciting customizations to the Gauntlet .30 including side levers, higher-capacity magazines and a precision tune. Team Umarex shooters are competing in multiple events - including the Big Bore Slug Challenge. Their Umarex Hammers will be clanging steel at ranges from 75 to 300 yards in that event. In addition, Umarex will be running an airgun 3-Gun shoot on Wednesday with one lucky participant taking home a Umarex Notos air rifle. "We are honored to sponsor and participate in RMAC again this year," Justin Biddle, vice president of marketing, said. "This event is a fantastic chance for airgun enthusiasts to come together, exchange knowledge and demonstrate their shooting skills." Umarex Airguns’ commitment to promoting the growth and development of the airgun community aligns perfectly with the objectives of the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge. By sponsoring this event, Umarex Airguns aims to connect with passionate airgun enthusiasts, gather valuable feedback, and continue to innovate and refine their products.
Getting Into Benchrest Airgun Shooting
So you’ve got your PCP airgun, read about the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge and wonder how to get into the world of benchrest shooting. Well, here’s how to begin in the sport.
Umarex Brimstone Ammo Shoots Like Heaven
As the technology of airguns improves, the need for better quality ammo becomes paramount. Umarex’s Brimstone line of airgun ammo meets - and exceeds - that need. Brimstone pellets and slugs are precision crafted to minimize defects that reduce accuracy. The low-drag and carefully balanced shape is designed to dump as much kinetic energy into the target as possible. This equates to punching crisp holes in airgun competition targets and also being able to take down game animals more efficiently and ethically.
Cooking Squirrels! Three Great Squirrel Recipes
So you took your favorite Umarex air rifle into the woods and brought back a limit of squirrels - now what? Head to the kitchen, of course! While you can use squirrel meat in just about any dish as a substitute for other game or poultry, here are three of our favorite ways to prepare it.
"Pigman" Brian Quaca Teams with Umarex Airguns
Umarex Airguns is pleased to announce a new multimedia partnership with Brian “Pigman” Quaca. One of the most entertaining hunting show hosts, Pigman has developed a dedicated following via his long-running TV series and social media.
Tips for Spring Squirrel Hunting with Air
Spring brings new opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, including squirrel hunting. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner looking to explore this sport, these tips will help enhance your springtime bushytail hunting experience.
The Fight for Archery Goes On
There really is a lot that goes into winning the hearts and minds of people when it comes to challenging long held paradigms. Just think of the work that went into convincing Americans to simply wear their seatbelts – an idea still contested by some in the face of graveyards full of evidence to the contrary. Folks in the hunting world are not strangers to such struggles for good ideas whose times have come.
Umarex Goes to Indy to See YOU!
Springtime is a great time of the year for so many reasons. Not only is the grass turning green and the trees budding out, but pollen and mold counts are going up, too! With the good comes a little bad, at least where allergens are concerned. But, it’s also a time of year where everyone is wanting to get out and about, including us. With this year’s NRA Annual Meetings and Expositions scheduled for mid-April in Indianapolis, Indiana, we were anxious to attend.
Umarex at SCI: First for (Airgun) Hunters!
The airgunning community is a niche community. Oh, nearly anyone you meet has shot an airgun of some sort and it’s not uncommon to find someone who owns an airgun. What I mean by the community being a niche is that an airgun enthusiast is a rare individual. Even rarer is an airgun hunter. You can walk into any sporting goods retailer and find a half-dozen guys who own four or more GLOCKs, AR15s, 1911s, M1 Garands, fill in the blank. You see what I mean? But finding one person who has more than one airgun of any kind, let alone someone who hunts with one, is like locating a diamond out at Murfreesboro State Park – not easy.