It's Never Too Early
I know, I know, it’s still July, super hot everywhere, and deer season is, seemingly, a long way off, but time does fly and the fall hunting season will be here before you know it. With the roster of states allowing big bore PCP and air archery hunting growing every year, there is likewise increasing demand for heavy duty air gun products. If you’ve been on the fence about getting into big bore air, now is the time to get equipped and familiar with the gear so you can get in the field and represent the airgun hunting community.
Student Air Rifle Program (SAR) Expands to Kentucky
The Student Air Rifle Program (SAR) is excited to expand to Kentucky. A total of 17 individuals were certified as SAR Basic Air Riflery Instructors (BARI) during the BARI training workshop in Nicholasville, KY occurring on June 30, 2022.
Experiencing the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge
In June I had the opportunity to travel to Provo, Utah, to shoot the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge. RMAC was held at the Garth Killpack Shooting Range in Hobble Creek Canyon. I loved being on the range and learning about the different airgun competitions. I was signed up for 100-yard Benchrest, other Umarex shooters were signed up for that and the other competitions like Precision Marksman Challenge, Speed Challenge, and Big Bore Slug Challenge.
First-timer's trip to RMAC
Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. While I’m a lifelong hunter and have enjoyed plinking Coke cans in the backyard with an old pellet rifle for decades, competitive airgun shooting was a foreign concept to me - aside from what I have caught on TV at some odd hour of the night during the Olympics. If you’ve never delved into the competitive side of airgun shooting, here’s what it’s like at RMAC.
Using Air to Introduce Shooting
About once a month my husband and I would go out to dinner with some of his work friends, they all shared common interests such as liking the same shows, movies, and games. Most of them had gone to the range together to shoot on the weekends. One of my husband's friends, John (not his real name), was NOT a fan of firearms. I’m not entirely sure why but I believe that the dislike might have stemmed from his political views.
Speed Challenge Shooting is Fast-Paced Fun
It’s Friday morning in Utah at the 2021 Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge and the sound of airgun pellets banging steel is music to the ears. The wind is howling through the valley of the Utah mountains South of Salt Lake which intensifies the challenge across the different stages. The roar of a squad and spectators and the compilation of smiles when a competitor pulls out a close win is joyous.
RMAC 2021
Eydin lines up his shot for a sighter on the berm. His Umarex Airguns teammate, Todd Bruner by his side spotting for him. His spotting scope of choice is a Vortex Razor HD. Eydin, the TXHogDude on Instagram puts the projectile firmly in the center of his target. He’s ready for the RMAC Big Bore Slug Challenge.
The Wily North American Whistle Pig
I don’t want this to be a Dr. Phil article but have you ever sat down and thought about why you enjoy getting out hunting, fishing and backpacking? There’s something rewarding about getting outdoors, living off the land and feeding your family. But, it’s also a good excuse to get out and enjoy God’s creation.
Practical BB Gun 101
Needless to say, ammunition has skyrocketed in the past few years, and that’s only if you are lucky enough to find what you are looking for. Couple that with busier than usual ranges and practice starts to feel more like a chore than a hobby. Those that don’t want to put up with it have an option that has been there all along, except now with enhanced realism. For those that missed the title, yes, I’m talking about BB guns.
Which Air Rifle is Right For Me?
The world of airgunning has never been more diverse. Seriously, there are all kinds of air guns that didn’t exist a few years ago, or if they did exist, they were the playthings of the wealthy or used only for sanctioned competition. The air rifle can still do what it always has done, but it can do other things, too. In this growing sea of airguns and categories of airguns, a shooter can get lost in all the fluff. In this blog entry we are going to look at the various categories and explore a few examples of each to help you decide what format will best fit your needs.