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Confessions of an Air Gun Shooter
For some reason, it crossed my mind that some of my scattered unpreparedness may not just be mine and that maybe you could use some reassurance that there is always someone who is doing a worse job than you at keeping all your air gun stuff together--namely me.
Available NOW! The Umarex Origin Rifle without the Pump
Airgunning has officially turned a new leaf. Pre-Charged Pneumatics are gaining a full head of steam and have become a considerable segment of the airgun market. As such, more and more shooters are picking up PCP rifles as well as the gear needed to run them. When we first introduced the Origin .22 caliber PCP with its Ever-Pressure Tank System, we included a hand pump with it to create an all-in-one product to help entice people who were on the fence with PCPs to take the jump.
All About That Blowback: Field Stripping Your Blowback Air Pistol
One of the most appreciable features of blowback air pistols is how similar they are to the firearms they are based on. In this day and age of manufacturing it is no trick to replicate the looks of something, but to nail down the functions as well-- especially considering the massive power differences between the two platforms is really quite something else.
New Air Gun for 2021: Legends M3 Grease Gun
I always get excited when I get wind that the Umarex Legends Series is growing. This collection of full-functioning BB shooting replicas has proven itself time and time again to be the coolest thing going in the world of airgunning. Oh sure, powerful PCPs and modern blowback replicas are good and great and all, but nothing comes close on the cool factor scale to these historical replicas.
Top 5 CO2 Airguns for Summer Fun
The warmer temperatures are here and that means you can fling BBs with impunity with your favorite CO2-powered air gun. CO2-powered airguns work best when temperatures are between 65 and 85 degrees and that means now is the time to get in some trigger time. So what are we shooting this summer? Read on and find out!!
A Beginner’s Guide to PCP Airguns
What’s catching on faster than inflation and global instability? Pre-Charged Pneumatic airguns are! Okay, that may have been a terrible comparison to start out a blog on airguns but two things are for sure, 2021 has brought on some deep changes to the social fabric and PCP air rifles are flying off the shelves and into the hands of all kinds of airgun shooters. The reasons are plenty but can be summed up with some degree of accuracy by saying PCPs are fun to shoot, easy to shoot, and crazy accurate.
Etiquette of Filling Airguns and Tanks at a Scuba Diving Shop
Of all the elements you need to take into consideration when using PCP air rifles, where you source your compressed air is the most critical, especially if you don’t know someone with a high-pressure air compressor. Not all air is created equal. When looking for a place to fill your external tanks for pre-charged pneumatic air rifles, understanding the questions to ask will help you find the right places to go and avoid frustration.
A Beginner’s Guide to CO2 Powered Air Guns
We are finally entering the warm summer months of the year, the months where getting outside for BBQs, fish-fry’s, and, of course, trigger time is made much more pleasurable by virtue of longer days and warmer temperatures. But these days it isn’t just BBQ attendees pulling the trigger on BB guns to knock over a tin can while waiting on the ribs. No, there is a whole new contingent of air gun shooters who have suddenly picked up an air gun as a training alternative to their centerfire pistols. Since Umarex has license agreements with firearm manufacturers like Beretta, Colt, GLOCK, HK, S&W, and Walther, our .177 and 6mm replicas are a natural fit for the firearm shooter looking to train with air.
Beginner’s Guide: Break Barrel Air Rifles
This past year has led to empty warehouses and store shelves in retail sporting goods isles. Among the items that we’ve been shuffling out of our doors as fast as we can get them in are break barrel air rifles. Break barrel rifles still make up the largest share of the air rifle market, chiefly for these two reasons- 1. They are simple. 2. They are affordable.
What Do You Know About Umarex?
Ever since its establishment in 1972, Umarex has been pushing towards new horizons. Umarex has created a world of adventure for sport shooters, recreational shooters, trainers, and hunters. Millions of people enjoy shooting sports around the world and they expect exceptional products from Umarex – and they get them.