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12 Spring Gun Shooting Tips for Accuracy

The RWS 34P Panther is a Spring Piston Air Rifle. Click image to learn more.

The RWS 34P Panther is a Spring Piston Air Rifle. Click image to learn more.

This article of shooting tips for improving your accuracy was originally written for RWS guns, but applies to all spring piston air guns.

  1. Be patient as you break in your new gun. Spring piston airguns typically require 500-1,000 shots to break in properly. Groups may be erratic for the first 100+ shots.
  2. DO NOT bench rest on ANY solid objects! NO part of the gun should rest on a rigid surface or object.
  3. Stabilize your shooting surface.  Utilize sand bags, pillows, or folded quilts as a shooting surface. This helps stabilize the gun so that you can verify the gun’s accuracy instead of the gun & shooter combined.
  4. Protect your gun barrel.  The gun barrel is NEVER to rest on any surface when shooting.
  5. Position the gun so that it is resting and pointing at a specific target point without being held. You can then ease into the shooting position without changing sight picture. By taking out as much of the “human factor” of holding the gun, your accuracy will most likely improve.
  6. SQUEEZE the trigger – pulling the trigger or jerking the trigger will result in terrible accuracy.
  7. Make sure to follow-through for every shot. Try not to blink when the gun fires and continue to focus on the precise point of aim.
  8. Always hold the gun “loosely” at the forearm and in the shoulder. Spring guns usually become inaccurate when held tightly.
  9. Use a consistent position & grip.  Changing your shooting position or grip can and will affect your point of impact.
  10. Become familiar with your rifle and your ammo.  Each rifle is individual and has its own characteristics. To achieve the best performance, you should try an RWS Pellet Sampler pack of pellets to see which ammo your gun shoots the most accurately.
  11. Don’t use junk ammo.  Use only high quality pellets in your rifle, such as the RWS line of pellets. They are much cleaner and manufactured to more exacting tolerances.
  12. Never dry fire a spring gun.  Dry firing your spring rifle can damage your gun.

Many competent air rifle fans are aware of these rules.  How many do you think consistently follow all of them?

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