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13 Weird Airguns We Love

View Our Gift Ideas PageSure, these airguns look a bit weird, but they are amazingly fun and very effective for airgun sports. Several of these are handled heavily at the NRA show with big smiles and lots of "I've got to get one of these."

Turn your fun up to 11 and have your gun range neighbors stare at your weird airguns. Be aware that these people are on the way over to ask about what you have and if they can give it a try.



The Weird Airguns

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1. Umarex Legends M712 Full Auto Air Pistol

A broom handle air pistol modeled after historic guns that can shoot full auto? That's weird - and highly popular. The Umarex M712 air pistol has authentic weight and stores CO2 in the removable magazine. This is a beautiful gun that is so much fun to shoot.


2. Walther Rotek 22 Air Rifle

Stand the Walther Rotek up and it looks like a goat leg. Quirky beauty combines with PCP power, multi-shot capability, and awesome power to make this a fun & functional gun that gets attention. The 2 Roteks in the Umarex web store make up 1/3 of our PCP airguns currently online.


3. Elite Force Race Gun Airsoft Pistol

Rails on top. Rails on bottom. More curves than a Swiss overpass and a highly functional airsoft gun make this a show piece that's fun for advanced airsoft battles and target shooting. This thing is designed for high speed action and is popular with fans of our Elite Force premium airsoft guns.


4. Umarex EBOS Air Rifle

Electronic Burst of Steel - heck yeah! If Buck Rogers visited an alien planet today, this is what his gear would look like - 400 rounds and a selectable fire mode. The EBOS has tactical everything with rails up top and down below. See the angled power plant hanging off the back with a monster 88g CO2 cartridge to drive single shot and full-auto burst mode. Even with all this gear built-on, this thing shoots extremely well with surprising accuracy.


5. Walther PPQ GBB Wildberry Air Pistol

Everybody loves Walther PPQs. This one is the kicking wild sister of it's big brother firearm. With wildberry coloring, gas blowback action, and the same structure of the PPQ, this airsoft pistol is run by women and men both in weekend skirmishes.


6. Steel Force Full Auto Air Rifle

It's a full auto air rifle. Full auto! It has side-by-side CO2 in the mag, quad rails, and M4 styling. With a 300 round capacity and tactical functionality, this air rifle is also a great practice and trainer airgun. The Umarex Steel Force is the king of weird with its unique features and consistent high performer as a top seller in our store.


7. Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Air Pistol

How can a classic standard be considered weird? This M&P 45 airgun shoots BBs or Pellets and you load it in the middle of the gun. Just swap the 8 shot rotary mags out. Take a look at the product link - does it look like a transformer when loading CO2 to you?


8. Ruger Targus Hunter Air Rifle with Sling

Why would you put a carry strap, a variable scope, and a 2-stage trigger on an airgun? Because it is a modern powerhouse designed for the field. This gun is built for pest control and roaming around your secluded ranch or wooded area. People at the NRA show consistently pick this up and ask Can I buy this here? Now? It also includes sound suppression, 22 caliber, and speeds of 800 FPS.


9. Umarex Brodax Air Pistol

If you were a loner in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by hopped up junker cars, your sidearm would look a lot like this. A revolver with top and bottom rails, the Umarex Brodax air pistol fits just right. It's enjoyable to shoot and feels great in the hand. With such a beautiful look and an under $50 price tag, these are a bit hard to keep in stock.


10. Umarex Fuel 22 Air Rifle

If a ninja could be an airgun, this would be it. The Umarex Fuel 22 air rifle is powerful, quiet, sleek, sees a long way (variable scope), goes 1000 FPS, and has quick retractable limbs (AKA bipod). This high power system has some of the most modern technologies for power creation, sound suppression, and automatic safety.


11. Beretta PX4 Storm Air Pistol

This Beretta PX4 Storm air pistol shoots pellets AND BBs. Just flip the mag to change ammo - you have an 8 shot rotary mag on each end with one holding BBs and the other holding pellets. This well reviewed air pistol has blowback function for an authentic experience that makes it a great trainer air gun.


12. Walther Lever Action CO2 Air Rifle

Is it a break barrel? CO2? Where is the power? Didn't I see this on a western last night? The stock of this air gun holds an 88g CO2 cartridge that powers the Walther Lever Action air rifle. It feels like grandpa's old lever action and is a very solid air rifle. This air gun uses 8 shot rotary mags that you can pre-load to have a lot of trigger time.


13. Beretta M92 A1 Full Auto Air Pistol

Try the Beretta M92 A1 full auto happy switch - everybody has the same response when they shoot it the first time. They have the I won?!? look on their face and ask for some more ammo. This airgun has a great feel for people who want to use it as a training or practice pistol.


13.1. Browning 800 Express 22 Break Barrel Air Pistol

It's a 22 caliber break barrel airgun pistol. I remember the first time I held it and asked What is this? Great balance, crazy looks, and a long sight radius for improved accuracy make this a delightfully odd airgun that is a great shooter.

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  • Johnny Bowen: December 16, 2016

    Love your bb guns .I have brought 3 and will most likely get others as I like to get them in smith and Wesson collection. Thanks again and keep up the good work

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