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The Importance of Eye Protection for Airgunners

Why Overlooking Eye Protection is a Huge Mistake for Airgunners

So, you’ve finally got some time to get out your new Umarex airgun. It’s time to engage targets and experience some instant gratification while you take stress out on unsuspecting objects. You have your airgun, your pellets and bag full of stuff to shoot at. You’re ready for whatever gets placed in front of you. Or are you? One of your biggest risks as an airgunner isn’t lead poisoning as some might believe; it’s actually your body’s most vulnerable tissue at risk – your eyes.

Eye Protection at Umarex 3-Gun and Steels Challenge
Your eyes are a big weak spot, and protecting them is something that you might overlook if you’re anxious to pull the trigger. You’d be wise to cover your eyes given all of the dangers a range can dish out, whether airgunning in your backyard or at a public or private gun range. Consider that unexpected ricochets and even debris stirred up by wind at the wrong moment can temporarily blind you. The potential of a ricochet is dangerous enough; shooting blind, well, you’ll probably have to quit the sport and you don’t want that to happen.

There are a lot of options for eye protection and different airgunners will find the various styles and features more comfortable than others. The best eye pro will stop debris, wind, and glare, while also protecting your eyes from UV rays. Lens color is also something to consider not just for clarity in certain light conditions, but also for comfort. For instance, yellow lenses on a bright sunny day may be too bright—they’re intended for cloudy days or low light conditions.

The bottom line is: wear eye protection and take the time to find good quality eye pro that’s comfortable to wear and suitable for your shooting conditions.

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