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Win an Umarex Legends P.08 (over)

The Umarex USA Legends P.08 Gun Giveaway is now over.

Congratulations to Victoria in Reno, Nevada. She won the Umarex Legends P.08.


As Seen on American Airgunner Television

Learn More About the Umarex Legends P.08, an airgun with history:

View the full specs for the Umarex Legends P.08 on the Umarex USA website (opens in a new window).

The P.08 Air Pistol is a replica of the handgun that served as the service pistol of Germany and a number of other nations for slightly less than 50 years. In a sense, its major contribution was as the launching platform for the 9mm parabellum cartridge, which is undeniably the most successfully pistol round in the history of the world. (The 9 mm cartridge was born in 1904). A simulation of the Luger, the firearm variant was associated with the Germany officer corps but many were also issued to enlisted couriers, cannoneers and machine gunners.

The Umarex Legends P.08 is a great historical piece that gets people talking. It’s a live action repeater that’s powered by a single 12 gram CO2 capsule. It has a metal drop free magazine that holds 21 rounds and is constructed mostly of metal parts. This famous German replica fires steel BBs in double action only (DAO) up to 410 feet per second.

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