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Airgun Learning Center

The Airgun Learning Center is designed to give you tips, hints, and how-to's for your air gun enjoyment. You can browse through our articles here and you can also click on the Topics on the right sidebar to view a list of related articles.

GETTING STARTED: For The First Time Airgunner

HOW TO: Learn Some New Techniques

HUNTING: How to Hunt with Powerful Air Rifles

PRODUCT REVIEWS: Learn Specific Details About Popular Airguns

  • Beretta Px4 Storm Air Pistol Review. An overview of the replica Beretta Px4 Storm Air Pistol and its features.
  • Colt Defender Review. A full review of the Colt Defender replica BB Pistol.
  • Test-Fire: The High Power Pistol. Brief test-fire overview of the High Power Pistol BB gun
  • Test-Fire: Baby Desert Eagle. Brief test-fire overview article of the Baby Desert Eagle BB gun.
  • Beretta Px4 Storm Recon Review. Overview of the pistol and many of its tactical features.
  • Colt Government 1911 Pellet Pistol Review. An overview of the pistol and how it performs.
  • Smith & Wesson Pellet Revolver. A review of the Smith & Wesson Pellet Revolver and its features.
  • Hammerli 850 AirMagnum Review. The fastest production CO2 air rifle currently available in the world.
  • Browning 800 Mag vs RWS LP8. A comparison of the two guns, side by side.
  • RWS LP8 Magnum Review. A review of the RWS LP 8 Magnum and its capabilities.
  • RWS LP8 Pistol Review. Article about the RWS LP8 Pistol, using data gathered while shooting.
  • The RWS 350 P - A Gentleman's Air Rifle. A look at the quality and craftsmanship of the high end RWS 350 P.
  • A Trio of Hunting Rifles. A side by side comparison of 3 RWS model hunting rifles
  • RWS Model 54 Report. A technical report on the performance of the RWS 54 Air King Recoilless Rifle.
  • RWS 460 Magnum Report. A comprehensive technical report on the RWS 460 Under Lever Rifle.
  • Test-Fire: The Steel Storm. Brief test-fire overview of the Steel Storm replica air gun.
  • Ruger® Explorer Youth Rifle Review. A review of the youth air rifle, including testing data.
  • Test-Fire: The Ruger® Explorer Air Rifle. Brief test-fire overview of the Ruger Explorer Air Rifle.

MAINTENANCE: Tips to Improve Reliability and Life of Your Airgun

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