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The Browning Buck Mark

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I’m often asked “What are your favorite airguns?” My reply is often “The ones without dust on them.” One such dust-less airgun is my Browning Buck Mark pellet pistol.
To be honest, when the .177 pellet firing break barrel pistol came out a few years back, retailing around $50, I wasn’t too sure what to make of it. Fortunately for me, I was given the opportunity to shoot one during a visit at Umarex USA. On their range, the pellet-firing version of the famous .22 rimfire Browning Buck Mark was the one airgun I kept returning to. For me, it was just a fun airgun to shoot!
I was hooked on the Buck Mark and quickly ordered one after returning from the trip. Since then, I’ve fired thousands and thousands of pellets out of the air pistol. Initially I was wondering how the metal of the Browning would hold up. Yes, there is some wearing on the metal, but it is still going strong. When new, the average velocity was around 300 fps, and years later, it still shoots at a similar velocity.

Why is the Browning Buck Mark one of my favorites?

I just like to shoot and the Buck Mark lets me do that very inexpensively. How does it do that?
First, I have to start with the price of the air pistol. The Buck Mark can be purchased for less than 50 bucks. Ever heard the phrase “You get what you pay for”? For me, I’ve gotten far more out of the air pistol than I paid for it.
Second, plinking accuracy is just fine with budget priced pellets. That’s a good thing as I can empty a tin of pellets in one plinking session. The combination of the Buck Mark and a few tin cans make for very economical entertainment.

Third, unlike CO2 powered airguns (where shot velocity lowers as the CO2 pressure in the cartridge lessens), the spring powered Browning Buck Marks velocity remains consistent. Shot 80, or even shot 500 of a shooting session, leave the barrel at a similar velocity as the first shot fired. An added bonus of the Browning being spring powered, is not needing to purchase CO2 cartridges to use it.
Fourth, with cocking effort of just under 20 pounds, the Buck Mark can fire hundreds of rounds without fatigue. Without exaggeration, I’ve probably fired well over 10,000 pellets out of mine during the past few years.
Fifth, accuracy, while the air pistol has open sights, I’ve not really used them. After shooting the Buck Mark so much, it’s become my “longer pointer finger”. What does that mean? I’ll toss a few cans on the ground about 12 to 15 feet in front of me. Then load the air pistol, flip off the automatic safety, then simply point the pistol and hit the can. Over time, I’ve learned to be quite good at this technique.
And last, but not least, the styling. The 12” long Buck Mark air pistol weighing 1-1/2 pounds, looks and feels like the firearm. Again, for me, it’s a natural pointer pistol that’s a pleasure to plink, along with being my “go to” airgun when I just want to relax with some informal shooting.
If you like to shoot a lot, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these Browning Buck Marks for your relaxing plinking enjoyment. I’ve more then gotten my monies worth out of the little airgun.

by Tim Smith

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